finding that balance

Schedules seem to only get busier and busier with every passing year and sometimes it’s really hard to stay afloat. For example- I’m 22 years old, I work three jobs, and go to school. AND I will tell anyone who asks, I honestly struggle to make sure all the areas in my life are equally […]

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Should married couples fight and argue or not?


A man during a flight to KSA started missing his wife so much that he forced the pilots to make an emergency landing. True Story.

Marriage. #Romantic #TrueLove


Actually, I think my own husband would have a party on the plane at the thought of leaving me for a vacation. Free time with his friends, no harassing phone calls & a week of no moaning nor constant chit chatting.

I’m joking, of course. (Not really) lol.

My point is, marriage’s are not perfect, nor where they meant to be.

Marriage is normal, a part of life, something we all dream about and once you do get hitched you basically sign yourself up to a rollercoaster ride that never ends… literally. When you are at the top of the ride, you are so excited you can’t sleep, so happy you can’t stop smiling, so relaxed you feel invincible and so…

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I Suffer from Inconsistency

i dont know what to do to get rid of it

it feels like a parasite living inside me

it disappoints me all the time

it gives me nothing but that killing dieing feeling of a useless creature

all those ideas and thoughts i get just stay in the back of my head..cant seem to accomplish any serious long term goals

im just gonna wait for that sise of me that emerges after a brief period of inactivity

the thing is im not sitting idle im doing things

but not what matters the most


Damn right..

“Mommy!” my daughter gasped urgently. “Look, she’s a mermaid…” There was reverence and surprise in her voice. Imagine meeting a mermaid here! “Yes, she is…. now, shhhhhh,” I responded. I held my breath waiting for my little girl with no filter to say something about the woman’s size. She was probably close to 400 pounds […]

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When you don’t see 50 patients a day

This blogpost was inspired by One Woman’s Quest who wrote in response to my blog Profit or Prophet:  Stick to your ideals! 25 people is more than enough, but 50? How is that supposed to be helpful? My doctor refuses to overwhelm herself and her patients by pushing the numbers and we patients are very appreciative.

img_2145What happens when you don’t see 50 patients a day?

People get pissed.

You don’t have any appointments left?  I can’t be seen today?  Can’t you just squeeze me in?  Well, then, I ‘ll just have to find another doctor.

OK.  Bye Felicia.

You won’t like me if I see 50 patients a day.  You won’t like me AT ALL.  I won’t be the same person.  I won’t be the same doctor.  I won’t have time to listen to you.  I won’t have the capacity to give a shit about…

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When God Attacks

_DSC0227Uh oh, I’m going to get a little preachy….

I used to be under the impression that if God was mad at me for something bad that I had done, then He would fuck up my life royally.

He would attack.

I know what you are thinking, that’s silly.  Everyone knows that God doesn’t punish us for the wrong that we do.  He forgives us.  He uses bad things that happen to bring about greater good in the world.

Just kidding, you weren’t thinking that at all, you were thinking, holy crap, she just used the “f” word and God in the same sentence!  Lord help her, she’s doomed.  And you would probably be right, if God cared about the “f” word.

Now I can’t say that I know for sure that He doesn’t care about it, but I think it’s really low on His list of concerns.  I say…

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A Physician’s Plea.


PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry

A medical student. A simple question.

“How am I supposed to go on caring?”

At the time, suggestions abound.
Work-life balance. Self-care. Hobbies.
Remembering our initial calling.
Remembering we still make a difference.
Remembering our love for medicine
and the privilege we have as caregivers.

But then the realization-
I don’t know the answer.

I only know that I have witnessed around me-
at every stage of training and practice-
evidence of emotional exhaustion.


So this is my plea.

A plea-
to students,
to colleagues,
to practitioners,
but–even more–
to myself.
A plea as we 
embark further into
the world of medicine.

A plea-
never to lose the satisfaction
we experience in caring for others–
the thrill savored
when we supported our first patient,
the warmth felt when families embraced us,
entrusting us with their care,
their health,
their lives.

A plea–
to preserve our love,
our burden,
our heart–
for mankind.


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